Approved Registration for Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification

The NTMC Approval Number included in your application acceptance email is required to complete NTMC Registration. If you plan to pay by check or hospital payment and have not received confirmation of payment, please email before completing this form.

Haven’t applied and received an NTMC Approval Number yet? Click HERE to apply and initiate the approval process.

Please use the same email address you used for your application.
Your NTMC Approval Number, which will also be your username, can be found in your application acceptance email. Ex: NTMC1234. Please be sure to include the letters NTMC AND the number.
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Your NTMC Password will be used to log in to the training portal. The ‘Strength Indicator’ above must read ‘Strong’ before the password will be accepted. Please use a combination of numbers, capital letters, and symbols to ensure a ‘Strong’ password.
NTMC Professional Agreement(Required)

I understand that the login password I receive from Creative Therapy Consultants (CTC) to view the Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification (NTMC) Phase II or Phase III information and tests is intended for my use only, as a NTMC candidate. I understand that these webinars, tests, and other information is owned by CTC and are for the specific purpose of educating myself for completion of NTMC and should not be shared with my colleagues, peers, used as education within my place of employment, or used outside the realm of NTMC Certification. I agree to complete the online education and tests independently without any outside assistance. I also understand that no part absolutely no part of the Training, either On-Line, In-Person or Virtual Hands-On Training may be recorded and that completion of material is required at designated dates to achieve certification.

Furthermore, I understand when registering for a Virtual Hands-On Training I am responsible for assuring the requirements to attend are met, including a functioning computer with a video/webcam and microphone, adequate internet bandwidth and speed to support continual streaming, competence managing Zoom Virtual Platform, and a quiet space for optimal learning. Likewise, if I am unable to manage this Virtual Platform I will not be able to attend virtually and will need to re-schedule to a In-Person Hands-On Training when space allows with possibility of additional costs.

Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification(Required)
After you click submit, you will be automatically re-directed to PayPal to complete your payment. A PayPal account is not required to checkout. After payment is confirmed you can login into the NTMC Phase II On-Line Education Training Portal using your NTMC Approval Number and password entered above.
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